Dec 05

Christmas Carols at the Griffin inn, Heald Green

On December the 4th 2017 the members of Belle Vue Brass band visited the Griffin inn, in Heald Green to play a selection of Christmas Carols for the patrons of the inn.

Due to crossed wires somewhere along the line the management of the inn were not expecting us to turn up on the night so were somewhat shocked when we did! However even though the inn was fairly busy the management managed to find us a corner of the inn to set up in for which we were very grateful indeed. The conditions were certainly not ideal at all with some players on tall bar stools, others on chairs, some standing, and some almost sat on each others laps, but we made the most of what space was available to us and the band played on regardless.

The band played two half hour slots with a good selection on carols from the good old “Christmas Praise” music books under the baton of our MD, Martin Moyse. While we were playing Amanda Greaves  took the collection tin around the tables and collected donations from the inns clientele, and I have to say she did an fantastic job of this, thank you Amanda. Importantly the band played very well and sounded fantastic, indeed we received some lovely compliments from members of the public and even some people asking about the band and showing an interest in both learning to play and in one case returning to playing!

All in all a very successful evening indeed, again thanks go out to the Griffin inn, in Heald Green for accommodating the band even though they were not expecting us! Amanda for collecting donations as well as playing Flugel, and of course all the musicians from Belle Vue Brass who played so well….