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Back Row Cornets

  Geoff’ banding history started at a very young age as my father Joseph Coombes was an MD at the time.    Geoff lived in Barnton at the time, during that time he trained on Bb Cornet. I soon got bored and opted to go onto Soprano cornet. His fathers friend luckily offered to train him up on his fathers Soprano Cornet. Geoff practiced all the hours he could and he now owns a Shilke bought by his late mum.  Cheers everyone for welcoming me to the band. Geoff


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Carl started playing his first instrument in primary school, then, they called it a bass but given its size, it was more like a Euphonium. Carl played this until he went to Wardle High School where he switched over to a trombone and continued to learn to read music. After a few months, Carl no longer liked the trombone and asked to switch over to a cornet. Starting off at the lower end of the 2nd cornets, he worked his way up to being the top 2nd cornet, then the second Repriano player. Carl then left school and played with the school’s youth band for 2 years. After this he didn’t play for years, that is until Carl heard Belle Vue brass band playing a typical Whit Friday March. It was then, back in 2013 that Carl joined the band. Since then, he’s been on 2nd cornet mainly, but have also has a stint as a solo cornet. Carl loves playing with the band because additional to being about the music, it’s about the great people  who manage, advise and those who take part who also make it fun to be part of it all.

David starting playing the cornet like most bandsmen at the age of 8 with The Salvation Army in Openshaw. David  has played with Manchester Citadel Salvation Army and featured on 2 records with the band, after a long spell away from banding David joined the Sale Salvation Army Band for a short period. In 2015 David decided that he wanted to join a local band and started searching the internet and so joined Belle Vue Brass Band in July 2015



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