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Jack was born in Millbrook, then a small village in Stalybridge (The home of brass band movement) which claims to have the oldest brass band in the world, and from where the Whit Friday contest started.

Jack got involved with brass bands when his two young daughters played in Denton Brass, he was challenged by his youngest to have a go. After having to give up playing due to illness an old friend contacted Jack and invited him along to a newly formed band in the area. Jack was a bit reluctant but went along the band where made up of mainly beginners and those brought out of retirement, Jack felt comfortable with this. The first 3 months the only thing the band could play with confidence was the tune Lloyd, the band then increased in strength with players coming and going.

Jack recommends to those think of playing in a band to take it up as it’s helped Jack not only with his health, but his confidence as well.