Belle Vue Brass Band was formed in 2005 with just a hand full of Musicians. The band had old tired worn out Instruments and just ten broken Music Stands. With the founding members handwork and determination back in those days Belle Vue Brass Band would not be the band it is today. The Band  in 2005 appeared in the Bisto Gravy  advert, and this was the catalyst for things to come. It all started one Saturday afternoon when the Band was doing a spot of fundraising in Gorton. The Band were sporting new green jackets trying to raise funds for new music and instruments, and a Cameraman came over to the band and said “Stop your band.” The Cameraman was attracted to the bands uniform, and this led to the band having a starring role in the Bisto Gravy advert, and a kind donation was made to band funds.

Interest in the band became more apparent in 2006 when a kind gentleman called Douglas Farwell made a kind donation towards band funds, and new instruments were purchased.  Players were recruited, and plans were in place to do the annual Whit Friday Contest in 2007, since then the band have participated in this contest every year.

In 2013 Peter Brannigan previously Musical Director of Hollingworth and Longdendale Brass Band stood down as Musical Director, and Chris Neufeld previously of Reddish Prize Band was appointed as Musical Director, and a new fresh and dynamic concert programme was put together wowing audiences wherever the band played.  In 2015 Belle Vue Brass Band played in a joint concert with Audley Brass Band of Staffordshire raising money for an Alzheimer’s Charity  . In 2016 Keith Reeves was appointed as Musical Director and the band participated at the Hardraw Scar Contest in Yorkshire. In 2017 Martin Moyes took the helm as Interim Musical Director until June 2018 where Clive Fox has appointed as Musical Director. The band are looking forward to this new and exciting chapter.